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ABOUT Acceleration Church


Acceleration Church is a Revival Hub in the Town of Garner – South of Raleigh, North Carolina. We exist for the purpose of Accelerating God’s Agenda in the Earth. We understand that God’s Agenda is our Only Priority – Making Disciples to become all that God has called them to be in the earth.



Our Mission is to raise up a generation of bold, radical believers to be conduits of the glory of God in the earth that will live fearlessly for Jesus as we demonstrate the Great Commission and the love of Jesus Christ in the earth.



To fulfill the mission, the Vision of Acceleration Church is to

be a Multi-Cultural, Multi-generational, multi-faceted,

Kingdom driven Church where souls will be won into the

Kingdom of God, where we’ll come together in fellowship.

and worship Jesus together that we’ll grow in our faith through

God’s word and ignite the world through the love of Jesus Christ.



To connect those that are lost to a loving God through evangelism, out-reach, and in-reach.


To Lead God’s People into an atmosphere of worship and intimacy with the Lord.


To provide a place of training and development for every person – We are a Training and Equipping Center.


To give each partner of Acceleration Church the opportunity to find their gifting’s and placement in the Kingdom of God … helping every person accelerate into their God-given purpose and pushing them to become all that God has created them to be in the earth.


To advance the Kingdom of God by equipping leaders and sending them out to plant churches across the nation and the world.


To demonstrate the message of revival and reformation throughout the region, and throughout the world by the power of God, the word of God and the Love of Jesus Christ



The word ACCELERATION simply means to GO FASTER. Our assignment is to accelerate the great commission of Jesus Christ locally, nationally, and globally … until all have heard – Matthew 24:14.



Praise and Worship is an integral part of the Worship Experience at Acceleration Church. From contemporary to some traditional, our goal is to set an atmosphere for the presence of God to dwell in every worship gathering, bridging the gap between each generation. Praise and Worship goes hand in hand with both intercessory prayer and the preached word of God.


Our Worship Gatherings and Teachings are geared towards equipping you to become all that God has called you to be in the earth, so that you can live a lifestyle that demonstrates Jesus Christ.


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